All Across Africa

CeTerra Accessories, Art, Color and Texture


Baskets are one of mankind’s oldest forms of art. Woven within its natural fibers are patterns representing motifs such as family, friendship, nature, and desires of hope and unity. All Across Africa partners with rural communities throughout Africa to create these exotic, handcrafted, and certified organic baskets.

They are committed to fair trade and sustainable practices by consciously choosing not to use scarce natural resources or materials that harm the environment. These baskets add a festive touch to any décor with their beautiful texture, dimension, style, and color.

As spoken by Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, “It has often been said that everyone dances in Africa, and that Africa is the festival continent. In fact, an African proverb says that if you can talk, you can sing. And if you can walk, you can dance.”

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