Artisan Crafted Lamps

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A lamp can be an exquisite addition to a living space, but only if it has the personality to make itself shine! It may be easy to overlook the importance of good lighting in a space, but the difference can be astounding- it can even turn an otherwise ordinary room into a picturesque scene almost instantly. When adding a new lamp to your space, remember that simply changing the color of the bulb can dramatically alter the atmosphere of the room, as well as the color characteristics of the lamp itself.

Here at CeTerra, every lamp has a story to tell- each one has been lovingly crafted from reclaimed vintage elements by artisans across the world. Our selection of lamps have a unique, yet enduring look that is sure to stand the test of time. Their versatility allows them to complement a number of different styles, all while adding a particular charm of their own.

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