Artwork with some character

CeTerra Art, Botanicals

PodsAt first glance, this set of three appears to be some kind of sea plant or animal. But a closer look shows it to be a desert pod. Also known as the “Moonflower” the Datura plant is used by medicine men. The Datura produces large beautiful flowers which always delight wanderers in the desert. These pieces are printed on Japanese Mulberry paper with archival pigment inks and deckled by hand. Instead of glass protecting the artwork, heated local beeswax and damar tree resin is applied to the surface of the print. I love the stark contrast of the lights and darks; how they reveal a multi-faceted nature of the pods. If you’re seeking the popular, desert-contemporary or organic-contemporary styles in your home decor, art like these three prints make a striking and elegant impression upon anyone who beholds them.