Carved Excellence

nickmin Accessories

Ornate wooden baubles sat along the edge of the shopkeeper’s mantle, with their fine expressions visible from the street corner…

Carving wood is a delicate act that requires the most precise coordination, yet yields truly stunning results for its trouble. Each item you will see here, as well as many others at our showroom, are all hand-carved; the essence of the artist is alive and well! Due to the highly subjective nature of carving, these items can achieve a very high degree of abstraction and symbolism. Each have unique connotations according to their local culture, and radiate a deeper meaning that is tailored to those who made them.

The items pictured above are some astonishing examples of carved cabinetry panels, with an older vintage from Mexico. Floral and filigree reliefs were always popular with pieces like these, and for good reason! Accentuated curvature is a wonderful way of showing mastery with carving techniques. To see these wonderful works of art for yourself, just visit our showroom sometime!

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