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For centuries, the cross has been a symbol of hope and faith.

Our recently found Cruces Cielo (Sky Crosses) originated from the Pyrenees regions of Spain and France, and were used in churchyards and farmyards as well as trail markers and roadside shrines circa 1840 – 1880. Artisans became fascinated with casting iron during the mid-19th century utilizing a lost-wax method to create elaborate and intertwining patterns. This process made each cross a one-of-a-kind original.

We stumbled upon these treasures and excitedly procured three for the Showroom at CeTerra. Each cross has sense of identity captured within its lovely hand-made design. The Cruz del Corazon (Cross of the Heart) sits on a base made from Spanish Oak and displays a prominent heart at the top as well as in the center of the cross. The Cruz del Rose (Cross of Roses) is mounted on a Juniper base and features a crowned figure surrounded by roses. The Cruz del Celtic is also mounted on a Juniper base and provides an amazing example of traditional Celtic patterns used to represent virtues such as strength, wisdom, compassion and love woven within its design.

The impressive craftsmanship of these wonderful crosses illustrates the values and beliefs held in reverence at the time of their creation. They represent both the hand and soul of the artisan, and will charm all who discover them along their path.

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