Custom Book Covers

nickmin Accessories

Books can be some of the most cherished and prized possessions someone can own, and for good reason. Many consider them the perfect outlet for human creativity, as well as a way of expanding our perspectives on the world! And, in a brief exception, we at CeTerra encourage you to judge a book by its cover! We have an exquisite selection of books that feature unique cover designs, ranging from quotes, to textures, to intricate images.

Each book cover has been meticulously altered to experiment with a different artistic medium- and don’t worry, book lovers, these volumes of the written word are all safe and their contents perfectly preserved, just waiting for you to read. For those who enjoy a mystery, the stories and topics therein are hidden to the viewer until seen in person!

Feel free to browse some of our titles, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like!

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