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CeTerra Accents & Interiors is known for unique one-of-a-kind items that allow you to express your personal style. Katie Mueller works with local artisans to fabricate custom pieces to perfectly accent and give an authentic feel to your home with a little twist.

If you’ve been watching the trends, you have probably read how popular copper is becoming in interior design. Although copper has been around for years, it’s even more popular merging contemporary furniture and décor ideas with this traditional material. Copper is a durable, naturally beautiful material with soft reflective qualities. It can take on so many looks and finishes from bright and shiny to dark and oxidized, but they all have that same gorgeous warmth that makes your home more inviting. CeTerra’s exclusive custom copper furniture pieces are a great way to bring the natural elements indoors.

In the process of creating one of our custom copper furniture pieces…


  • The construction of a custom table starts with a wood table top. It could be a classic round or square shape, but for something different, you can get a table with a more organic feel adding curves in an unexpected way. Because copper is one of the softest metals, unique shapes and forms are possible.
  • Once the shape is cut, the copper is cut to the shape of the table top. Copper is a great choice because it will never rust or disintegrate, and it lasts forever.
  • The copper will wrap around the table top and the sides, covering the wood. A rustic patina will be added with a heat applied process. Copper reacts to the elements differently so every table has its own distinctive look.

Care for your copper furniture

  • Though copper is a durable material, it’s a natural element that can react to other metals such as aluminum and steel. It also reacts to acids in foods and cleaners. A wax finish will protect the copper from most of these reactions, but it does require more care.
  • Use a trivet or placemat with hot plates and use coasters with all your drinking glasses. Water left for extended periods could cause spotting. It’s best to have a protective backing such as felt to protect your tabletop.
  • Dust when needed with a clean, soft cloth. A high quality furniture polish will help with dusting. A coat of paste wax applied every 6-12 months will also help to protect the copper.

The finished pieces are beautiful works of art! With Katie’s creativity, unique bases and multi-level designs add a distinctive look. The beautiful earth-toned colors featured in these copper are a perfect complement to a room. Patinas bring out a variety of colors to match any décor. Consider a pair of side tables created in mirror image on either side of your sofa. Perhaps a low coffee table? A taller table would be great as a dining table or something for the garden! Because copper does not rust, it’s perfect indoors and out.

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Decorating with copper accents

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You could choose a mix of warm orange hues with a terra cotta look or a rustic blend for an extra warm feel or go with the rich look of emerald greens from glass, pottery and succulents. Turquoise blues and tangerine oranges can add a vibrant color pop while wheat colors and pewter shades can bring a luxurious feel to your home. No matter your choice of colors or décor, copper tables can bring out the best of your favorite pieces.

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