Custom Designed Steel Furniture

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CeTerra Accents & Interiors believes in special furniture pieces that become the foundation of your home décor. Besides copper, Katie Mueller brings her own creative touch to steel.

You may think steel is cold and modern, but with the right design, steel can bring a feeling of warmth to your home. Often people picture steel as a shiny metal with a bright silver color, but steel is actually available in various shades and colors. Stains and washes can be used to change the color and hue of steel.  Although you may think of steel as a pristine metal, it also has milling marks, dark and light areas, and streaks and scratches that give it character. Steel is lightweight, rust resistant, environmentally friendly and of course, very strong. Like wood, steel tends to darken with age into a rich patina that only enhances its beauty.

Steel furniture in the making…


Steel can be used for the entire piece of furniture or just the legs with a table top in something like driftwood. The parts are carefully cut to ensure they fit precisely. The pieces are welded together as the table takes shape.

Steel can take almost any shape or form you can dream up whether it’s something geometric or organic. A hollow form makes it lightweight, but it is still very durable. It will last a lifetime and because it doesn’t rust, you could bring a steel table outdoors without having to worry about it rusting or breaking down over time.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect item to finish a room or you want a strong, hand-crafted piece of functional steel furniture that you can build a room around, CeTerra is here to help.

Steel furniture is easy to care for


Steel blends well into any space as a bold contrast to other materials.

Cleaning steel furniture is as easy as wiping it down with liquid soap and water. You should not use abrasive cleaners and scrubbers like steel wool. To get a glistening shine, a glass cleaner with a polishing cloth will do the trick. Steel furniture has it all – a great look, low maintenance, sturdiness and extreme durability.

Be a little daring and adventurous! A steel table can become the standout piece in your home that makes a statement. Steel is distinctive and memorable without being obnoxious. In the right design, steel can become that heirloom piece in your home, timeless and classic. It can be the anchor of any room allowing you to build your ever-changing décor around it.

Go bold with steel furniture


You’ll find that steel can have many of the same visuals you can get with wood, but only more durable. With a little stain or color, steel can have a look like wood in a warm espresso brown without having to worry about water rings or even termites.

Console tables and coffee tables can be a great asset to your room when made in steel. If you’ve got kids or pets, the durable nature of steel would be a plus. If you want something more daring and contemporary, consider a brushed steel or polished chrome look.


It can also work together with wood to create contrast and visual interest. You might go with a more industrial looking finish to emphasize the differences in an industrial rustic setting.

Customization allows you to have the perfect piece to fit your space. Whether it is an open tabletop extension like this one or something more sculptural. Consider your needs in the space, how it interacts with other spaces, and the overall visual aesthetics.


Consider adding yet another material to the mix like glass. This custom coffee table perfectly matches the space but has a very light and open feel with the glass inset into the wood table top.

If you have a particularly small space, customization can allow you to express your own personal style with a piece that works for you.

You might have a space that is extra large where average furniture sizes don’t match the scale of the room. Customization is a great resource to get that perfect artistic built in look.


Steel can be very sculptural either with sharp geometric angles or clean smooth organic shapes.

Perfectly cut pieces that create smooth finished joints are important details to look for in the quality of your piece. A table like this one can be a sculptural centerpiece with its beautifully angled base.

Steel can match any decor and color scheme with the right choices of your furniture design. Or create a little of the unexpected with a more eclectic mix showing off your personality and what is important to you.


The characteristics and nature of steel allow you to push the design boundaries into a look that has the feeling of being light and delicate but is truly indestructible.

From custom furniture to original art pieces CeTerra is a gem of a resource where customization ensures you will get a look that is like no other matching your style and budget. Let CeTerra help you put your look together and bring your vision to life.