Custom Wooden Furnishings

nickmin Furniture

What sets a piece of furniture out from all others? Is it build quality? Or perhaps a uniquely beautiful appearance? It’s practically impossible to quantify such things, so a keen eye for detail is what it takes to truly find the best. With our newest lineup of wooden furnishings, the most observant of eyes will be pleasantly surprised by the magnificent attention paid to each and every detail.

All pieces from this line are handmade to the highest specifications, intended for use in only the most luxurious establishments. To call them ‘heirloom pieces’ is an understatement to say the least. Details such as perfectly ‘spooned’ texturing, hand-hammered iron reinforcements, and individually molded brass fixtures are all entirely within the realm of possibility. Although we carry a substantial amount of the items pictured in our showroom, customization options are available on practically any of these pieces and their patterns. Alternative textures, finishes, colors, and hardware can be specified upon request. Visit our showroom to see these elegant pieces at their best!

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