Design Spotlight: Candle Holders

nickmin Accessories

The otherwise unlit room was bathed in a soft, shimmering light, and the dance of the candles cast such waves upon the walls…

Candle holders hold a unique level of flexibility in design, owed to the fact that they come in all shapes and sizes, while also seamlessly blending into any number of different styles. They can look spectacular in a contemporary arrangement, yet can be adapted to suit traditional looks just as easily with a careful eye. In our featured image, these two outstanding vintage holders were made from traditional seed spreaders, and carry with them decades of character. That beautifully weathered patina is a result of use and hard work, further highlighting their authenticity.

Additionally, they can be used for accentuating certain pieces or preserving an overall look- for example, in the first image in our gallery, these copper holders heighten that splendid metallic glaze on each of those pots, while also giving the arrangement a much more cohesive look. For our full selection of candle holders, as well as candles, come by our showroom sometime– We’ll be happy to find the perfect fit for you!

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