Exploring Color in 2019

nickmin Color and Texture

Color isn’t just about trends or fashion, but an expression of emotion and conveying feeling through visual design. And those feelings reflect our times indeed…

It’s 2019, and color trends have grown more mature– instead of the explosively vibrant shades of 2017 and 2018, a more nuanced and refined look has taken hold. And to help guide us through these newest trends, Elle Decor has released its take on the top 20 trending colors and shades this year, found here

In our featured image, Aqua has made its triumphant return, albeit with slightly more muted tones; this gives it a deeper appearance that draws in and invites the eye. With such a powerful color, careful selection of accent colors can really alter the mood of the space depending on the desired effect.

Greens and blues are abound this year, with the exceptionally flattering Hunter Greens (Gallery Top Row) and Misty Blues (Gallery Second Row). Hunter Greens carry with them a naturalistic and worldly look to them, and can seamlessly transition from walls to accents without becoming overpowering. On the other hand, Misty Blues have a pronounced calming effect on a room, and promote a sense of quiet, peaceful concentration.

On the other end of the spectrum, Energizing Corals (Gallery Third Row) continue to add an unbelievable amount of vibrancy to a room. Perfect for adding a splash of color in an otherwise neutral or subdued space.

Gentle mid-browns like Soft Terracottas (Gallery Fourth Row) promote a more natural and earth toned space, which is perfect for traditional found objects and repetitive texturing. Geometric patterns perform quite well here to give those softer items some shape!

CeTerra is excited to accommodate all of these trends, so we’ve decided to showcase a few particularly interesting shades that caught our eye. For even more examples, just drop by our showroom and our staff will be eager to assist you!

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