Fall Florals

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fall-florals-07It’s that time of the year where reds, oranges, and golds are all around us. These colors remind us of the joys that fall brings. The autumn blooms at CeTerra are an easy way of showcasing the beauty of fall in your home or interior space. They can be used as centerpieces to bring in a pop of color into a dining room or multiple arrangements can be hung on the wall for a collection of color.

Flowers throughout history have mystified us with their intricate and natural beauty. At CeTerra our florals uphold the integrity of their magnificent design by including all of their intricate details and richness of their colors. Our Queen’s flower is an excellent choice for fall in the desert. We have it in both a red/orange tone and a gold tone. This prickly yet beautiful flower originated from Australia and we can’t help but wonder if they named this flower after the British queen in conjunction with their historic British roots.

There are many ways to arrange these botanicals in a beautiful style whether the effect be dramatic or subtle. If a dramatic effect is desired, we would suggest an oversized arrangement or an elaborate vase to add drama to your environment. If you are looking for just a hint of fall we have a wide variety of smaller pieces such as our vast collection of succulents and copper vases which will compliment your fall color palette.

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