Five Different Accent Wall Textures & Finishes

CeTerra Color and Texture

Barn-Wood-Wall-1-1-of-1-1Your bedroom or living room looks like you decorated it in the 1980s. It’s time for an upgrade and you know a little bit about space but not enough to write a book on it. Look no further! CeTerra Accents & Interiors has got ideas to easily add texture to either an accent wall or your entire room. No longer are you limited to picking out a gallon of paint. There are plenty of wall textures and finishes that will update your dream room to fit your budget. Read on to find out what options may be perfect for you.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper was once popular when your mother was redesigning her living room, but it’s come back and is more chic than ever. Used correctly, this form of wallpaper can add a great texture to your wall and even cover up walls that are in bad condition. Grasscloth wallpaper is a neutral wall option but you can also purchase it dyed in different colors. Real grasscloth is made of seagrass and is held together by thin cotton threads. It’s applied to walls just like other wallpaper but some professionals create their own adhesive from scratch. Grasscloth gives a beautiful and classic look to a room. It’s a great option for an eclectic space that needs texture without committing to an overwhelming color. The cons of hanging grass cloth wallpaper include its fragility. Too much moisture or rubbing it down with a wet cloth can damage it permanently. It’s also not made to hold up being rubbed or hit. Grasscloth wallpaper may be best suited for a formal dining room or an accent wall in a master bedroom. Pros of grass cloth wallpaper include the interesting understated texture and ability to camouflage wall flaws. Grasscloth also gives an organic and natural feel to your home. Another great perk of using this wallcovering is the ability to remove it quickly.

Textured Paint

Textured paint can help define a space. A pretty big commitment, this type of wall covering is hard to reverse but worth the risk. Any wall can be textured and then painted to create a rhythmic pattern or even a random look. There are many different ways to add textured paint to your walls. You can paint your walls and then use a sponge or other tool to build texture on the wall. You can also use a textured roller to create a specific look such as stripes or elevated bumps. Currently many paint companies offer mix-ins to your paint to add texture. Textured paint creates a rich and finished feel to a space. Living rooms look cozy and pulled together with walls that aren’t sterile. One of the biggest cons in using textured paint is the commitment factor. Removing it is a long process and you’ll want to know what you like before painting. The pros include a wonderfully textured wall and a simple technique anyone can accomplish.

Barnwood Siding

Barnwood siding adds a rustic texture and visual interest to a living room or bedroom. Many choose to only dedicate one accent wall to this wall texture. Too much can overtake a room but just one wall can make a great style statement. To begin, you’ll choose wood that fits your colors. You could choose newer wood and then distress it or better yet use reclaimed barn pieces! It can be great fun searching for century old barn pieces from stores that specialize in reclaimed pieces with history. To attach the boards to your wall you can use caulking or an adhesive. The drawback to this is that it will tear your wall if you decide to remove it. The better bet is using nails and a hammer. There are more pros than cons when hanging barn wood siding. It’s quickly reversible, adds great texture, goes well with both rustic and modern interiors, and is very affordable. Design-wise, your room will look put together and chic.

Tile a Wall

Tiling a wall can give a sense of wider space in a small area such as a bathroom. Glass tiles reflect light and add a unique texture to a room. Depending on the size of the tile, a space can appear much larger than it is. The first step is to pick out a color that compliments the space you’re trying to enhance. Are you looking to compliment or contrast? Choosing something tonal can blend the colors in while a brighter unrelated color will add pop to the space. Would you like the tile to be in a shape or in a pattern? How big will the tiles be? Tile is perfect for adding texture to kitchens and bathrooms. Another great idea is to add tiling to a large fireplace. This type of wall accent will add visual depth and a reflective quality that’s unmatched. The drawbacks of tile are that it’s pretty permanent. Once you’ve chosen your color, it’s difficult to change your mind. It may also make your home harder to resell if the buyer isn’t crazy about your choice. In most cases, tiling adds to a space and many people love the character it offers.

Fabric Wallcovering

Fabric wall accents are very similar to the grass cloth wallpaper. They are fragile and not very durable but beautiful and can’t be replaced by wall paint. Fabric is a very easy way to dress up a wall without using too much adhesive. Fabric is the perfect solution to apartment-dwellers who want some pizazz in their space but don’t want to be left scraping wallpaper off. You may want to cover your entire room in fabric, but an accent wall has more impact. You want to make sure your space is large enough to still look roomy with an all-over print. Using fabric for paneling adds a more artistic look and is eclectic when you mix in other textures or contrast with a solid color. If you do install fabric, make sure to avoid smoke or other things in the air that can ruin it. Also, try to hang it in areas where it won’t be rubbed a lot. Fabric can be a very inexpensive way to reface your room.
Color, print and texture are some of the easiest ways to add dimension to your space. Katie and CeTerra Accents & Interiors can walk with you through the process and help you find the best solution for your space. Tell us about your project! Visit us at the Scottsdale Design Center or send us your information here. Create the space that speaks to you and shows off your style!