Go Organic!

CeTerra Botanicals, Color and Texture


It’s no secret at CeTerra that we like organic mixed with contemporary pieces. Organic pieces are intriguing to the interior designer and design enthusiast alike because we intuitively know that no two pieces are alike. For example, the wood sculptural piece here is from a tree that was struck by lightning! The unique curves and effect of the lightning on the wood is unlike any other piece. It is truly unique. I love to add pops of color (like the turquoise colored vessels here) to create that element of surprise. The leather covered cases to the left of the sculpture add warmth and a feeling of tradition to the arrangement. To balance the composition, I do add some geometric and straight lines (i.e. the wall hanging and table). Organic pieces are the hallmark of the organic and desert contemporary styles that are so popular here in Arizona and throughout the U.S. They make a bold statement in your home decor.