Home Decor Trends – 5 Great Decorative Accessories

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Home decor trends are always changing and this season there will be a focus on hammered metals, natural pieces, globally inspired pieces, and the colors hemlock and navy. With some of the leading designers and publications weighing in on current trends, we offer up five decorative accessories that you’ll want to incorporate this year.

Metal Accents

home-decor-trends-vaseHammered metal accents are great decor go-to pieces when your space is in need some change. The bulbous shape of this hammered vase adds an organic feel to a room. Customizable, you can add your choice of flowers, dried grass, or bamboo shoots. Depending on the lighting, this piece can take on different colors as it is reflective. According to the Manila Bulletin, home accents to be on the lookout for in 2014 are oxidized mirrors, stained raw wood, and hammered metals. Style is becoming more and more about personal preference and a lot of “trends” are about breaking previous style faux pas.

Natural Inspired Shapes


Just as it was suggested at the Dallas Lighting Market, lighting designs are moving toward nature inspired shapes, the interior accent trends are headed in the same direction. Resembling roots or crawling vines, this candle holder is a great home accessory that’s right on trend for 2014. Ideally, this piece would grab attention in the center of a dining table or on a console table. When illuminated, this whimsical piece looks classic yet contemporary. Free People, a vintage-inspired clothing company and style leader, blogs about current trends and home accents. Anything that is different is favored and celebrated. Accents just like this candelabra, inspired by nature, are different and contemporary in their uniqueness.

Global Inspiration


There has never been a better time for international home accents to take the lead in decor trends. Furniture design for the 21st century will be globally inspired according to Abe Abbas of About.com. Along with furniture, home decor items just like this basket will take on a worldly flair. Textures paired upon textures will keep your space looking fresh and eclectic. A basket such as this can be filled with found objects like shells or corn husks like in the image. The key to styling with globally inspired pieces is to mix them with sleek items that are simpler. You want to avoid someone walking into your space and feeling as if they are in a specific country. Rather, mix and match items and focus on maintaining a balance while telling a story. Even if you haven’t been to the plains of Africa, an item such as this in your home says otherwise.

A Nod to Navy


The use of the color navy blue is in style according to Mark Sikes, a top blogger and well-known interior designer on behalf of House Beautiful. Seen on the runways, this color will be spotted throughout interiors and used in decor accents. The two gourd-like vases have hints of navy with turquoise and look great styled beside more muted accents. The use of navy will work well with gold items such as vases and gold plated frames. If you’re not sure about using an accent that is completely navy, try an item such as these vases which only have highlights of the color. Since the color is so dark and rich, a little will go a long way.

Hemlock Hues


The color hemlock, which takes on a minty, muted green, is one of Pantone’s colors for spring 2014. Hemlock is just one of 10 colors featured in their color report that we will be seeing more of in home accents. These ceramic vases use the color hemlock while still being rustic. The glaze on the vases isn’t all-encompassing and allows the terracotta undertone to show through. An item with this trendy color placed by a rustic wood item really sets the tone for an organic contemporary home. Adding more than one item in this iconic color can give your space more oomph while still blending the overall look. These ceramic pieces from CeTerra Interiors have the perfect mix of varying heights, texture, and color. Place them by a wooden lamp or vase to mimic this overall look.