Innovative Design Spotlight

nickmin Accessories

The spark of an idea carries with it the flash of genius, and the embers of inspiration…

CeTerra prides itself on staying at the forefront of organic contemporary design, which is why we’re excited to announce our newest line of wall and table mounts! Each is beautifully crafted with the highest attention to detail, and features a bold, modern appearance that is perfectly balanced by natural accents.

These pieces represent some of the very best in organic contemporary, and are intended to be paired with vivacious botanicals to reach their full potential. Every table mount is capable of a complete range of motion, and can be adjusted to perfectly suit whichever botanical you may choose. Additionally, the mounts are non-marring to protect those delicate branches!

The wall mounts featured here have an unprecedented amount of flexibility when incorporated into your space, and can be rearranged with ease to accomodate a number of different rooms and floor plans. Shelves and lighting can be easily incorporated in the the mount if desired, and can range from focused accent lights to full-sized lamps depending on your preference.

For a full list of custom options as well as a chance to see these pieces in person, just visit our showroom– our staff will be happy to show you! See you soon!

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