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Interior design requires a knowledge of numerous styles, furnishings, finishes, and techniques. The right combination of aesthetic vision and expertise can lead to beautifully designed rooms that sing. The interior design experts at CeTerra Interior Design can help bring your next project to life…but how much knowledge can you bring to the table!?


Try our Quiz below!

Find out if you are an Interior Design “Novice,” “Apprentice” or “Master.” View the images below to help answer the questions and see how you score!


1. Glamorous organic fusion gives a casual, effortless look. Burled woods and polished stone contrast beautifully against warm metallic accents. Burled wood a hardwood w/ swirling growth patterns, used as a veneer for inlays is seen here in?



2. Decorative items with a metal finish are often iridescent and have reflective qualities. Which items in this collection have this metallic finish?



3. Wood grain refers to the general alignment or direction of fiber wood to the axis of the tree trunk. Whether it is upcycled, recycled, or new, wood is more popular than ever especially when wood grain shows through?



4. Menswear continues to be a great influence on interiors. Wood tones are rich and dark, pairing well with shades of goldenrod, turquoise, green, garnet, and burnt orange. Which furniture trending furniture accent is seen here?



5.  Bring drama to a space with dark walls and cabinetry. The darker backgrounds allow light colors to pop and are a great backdrop for all your art and decor. Lacquered finishes on decorative boxes and organic pieces bounce light around the interior. Lacquer