International Spotlight: Africa

nickmin Accessories

We’d like to announce our new International Spotlight series! In each one, we will be showcasing a different nation, culture, or geographic area depending on our latest acquisitions, and we invite you to come along for the ride! These are some of our most adventurous offerings to date! Each item presented here has an amazing story behind it, and we value telling that story properly. And to view them for yourself, just drop by our showroom for a better look!

Featured above are traditional basket vases, crafted in Rwanda; specifically, they were made in the village of Huye, where the women there would carefully weave them for different purposes depending on what was needed at the time. Each one may take weeks to make, and are a testament to dedicated craftsmanship. The elephant reeds displayed in them are usually grown in Southern Africa, springing up in the rich, warm valleys during the rainy season. They’re perfect for adding a vertical look to any pot or vase that you feel would suit them!

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