International Spotlight: Asia

nickmin Accessories

In the shrouded halls of a bygone era, the artisan crafted his work under the strict tutelage of his mentor… searching for mastery that could only be found through dedication and discipline

In our International Spotlight series, we seek to showcase truly unique and authentic pieces from around the world; this week, we will be exploring China and Japan, which are known for their highly traditional and artistically talented cultures. Enjoy the trip!

Our featured image shows some excellently preserved examples of cooking pots from the Shanxi Region of northern China, dating to 1900-1920. It’s anyone’s guess how many adventures these pots have found themselves in, and it’s quite fortuitous for them to come into our possession. May those adventures continue!

In our first gallery image, these small, treasured teapots are a reminder of the beautifully long relationship China has had with tea, and its millennia-long traditions associated with it. They are of traditional, handcrafted construction, likely at the very turn of the 20th century. Also pictured are a couple of cookie molds, also from China, which bear lucky symbols such as the sheep. Potentially wonderful accents for the kitchen!

In our second gallery image, this graceful set of woven Japanese food covers were used to keep meals deliciously fresh while adding an element of elegance to the dining occasion.

And in our third gallery image, these incredible rock formations are actually genuine Chinese stalagmites, which take thousands of years to reach sizes such as these in caves- Natural beauty at its finest. Stalagmites cannot be legally mined in the United States, but can be imported from nations where it is permitted. As such, their rarity stateside makes them of considerable interest to those who appreciate geologic curiosities!

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