International Spotlight: Europe

nickmin Accessories

Continuing with our International Spotlight series, this week we’ll explore some of Europe’s most beautiful traditional pieces and found objects. Many of these items originated in the early 20th century, and are oftentimes characterized by either their handmade appeal, or the stark appearance of turn-of-the-century industrial progress. There is an unmistakable duality to this period in Western Europe.

Below, we have some examples of the artisan’s tool set, certainly a valuable commodity at the time of their use. The first image shows some well-preserved mechanical calipers, used to measure precise distances during the crafting process. Following that, we have two paint palette knives, excellent for mixing and blending two colors to perfection. Although many of these hand tools look simplistic by today’s standards, they likely produced works of art that would stand the test of time even today!

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