Introducing Contemporary Artist Susan Gay Hatfield

CeTerra Art


Splashes of color, landscape scenes and desert botanicals–these are the hallmarks of Susan’s work. Working in gouache and charcoal, Susan produces sharp contrasts of color and textures that manifest themselves in the forms of nature. Her compositions of abstracted natural and organic images draw attention to and breathe life in many things one might normally ignore. Her work, ” bridges the primal and the current, the material and spiritual.”

Susan is a resident of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin and possesses a Master of Arts of Visual Studies from Cardinal Stritch University, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and certification as a Master Gardener through the University of Wisconsin. Her certification as a Master Gardener helps shape the vision for her work, resulting in vibrant and contemporary depictions of nature.

CeTerra Accents & Interiors wants to welcome you into her world. Susan’s art work complements our organic and desert contemporary style, adding a touch of color and relatable sophistication.