Making Beautiful Vignettes

nickmin Accessories

Among every vignette is a story just waiting to be told, and you may soon find yourself as the author…

Accessorizing a space can be a little intimidating at first, especially if you don’t know what aesthetic you’re striving for; however, it’s a lot easier (and far more fun) than you’d think. With a little inspiration from CeTerra, some helpful tips, and a bit of trial and error, you’ll be well on the way to the look you’ve always wanted!

In our featured photo, this kachina statuette embodies the beautiful and mysterious figure of the Southwest, and its large size makes it the perfect focal point. Fittingly made by an artist local to Arizona.

Setting up vignettes for the first time is a fun way to hone your creative skills, and following just a couple basic principles will make those arrangements look crisp and professional!

First, consider scale, proportions, and balance when putting these items together. You’ll want to stagger or vary the height and size of these items as to avoid a cluttered appearance, while also staging that beautiful centerpiece you’ve been wanting to show off. For example, the hand-sculpted elephant in the first row of the gallery is dressed alongside smaller botanicals to give it a large, impressive look, and the orange basket lid behind it creates a high contrast, textured background.

When making vignettes, a triangular arrangement is incredibly versatile, and is great when showcasing multiple items of interest; this works best when all items have a different height. Don’t worry though, if you have more than three items, still give the triangle a try and see how it catches your eye!

When accessorizing, here’s a quick tip: don’t put your item of interest right in the middle of a space, but instead divide the area into halves or thirds, and work from there. It may sound counter intuitive, but placing items off-center can be very interesting and eye pleasing.

When you’re in a creative mood and want to accessorize, or just need a little help making an arrangement, come by our showroom– Our staff will be happy to help a fellow artist! See you soon!

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