My New Year’s Resolution – Find Unique Treasures!

CeTerra Accessories, Interior Design

New-Mirror-1-of-1If you’ve been in CeTerra or following me on my blog for any length of time, you know just how much I love to bring unique pieces into the store as well as incorporate them into my own home decor. One of my most recent finds is this incredible mirror. It makes such a statement, wouldn’t you agree? Aside from being an incredible piece to behold, it actually has a unique history to it! This is actually made from an upcycled, tin ceiling from the 1880s! The ceiling was once housed in a building in New York City. If you look closely you can see the Art Nouveau influence in the organic motifs pounded into the tin. The mirror frame has been painted, softening the look. At first glance, you might think this mirror is too ornate to be incorporated into an organic or desert contemporary influenced room. However, when combined with geometric, terra cotta containers and desert plants, you can see how easily it fits. Additionally, the white and green together has such fresh feel. This is a great example of how organic contemporary style can pull from many different influences! This look is easy to incorporate into your interior design.