Outdoor Botanicals

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Botanicals are always in season here in Phoenix, due in part to the wonderfully mild Winters we have. And if you were using traditional plants, that would mean a whole lot of upkeep! Well at CeTerra, our botanicals are not only maintenance free, but but have a look that perfectly captures the beauty of each plant.

These offerings are far superior to the ‘plasticky’ artificial plants of yesteryear, and we encourage you to browse our full selection at our showroom. In the meantime, here are some excellent examples of our inventory! Our “Full Sun” botanicals can withstand even the longest stay in the desert sun without fading or turning brittle, so you can rest easy knowing your beautiful displays will last for seasons to come! They typically feature bright, vibrant colors that would otherwise dull on indoor plants if exposed to too much sun. Also, our “Shaded” lineup of botanicals certainly have their own advantages as well- rich, dark shades of green and amazing attention to detail coalesce into an extraordinary synthetic plant. You’d be hard pressed to tell these apart from the real thing!

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