Serving Trays

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What’s new at CeTerra?

We just received an assortment of beautifully crafted trays! We couldn’t help, but hang them on display to showcase every exquisite detail.

Serving trays are a magnificent and sincere symbol of hospitality. They have been used since ancient times to present food and drinks thought fit to be consumed by royalty or important guests. They have become a common facet in the design world because of their inviting nature and innovative designs.

The trays at CeTerra are so intricate, what accessories would pair well with them? I’m glad you asked! We have also hand selected some special pieces to complement each and every one of these trays which will no doubt be a focal point in any room.

Each one has a unique and eye-drawling pattern so we would recommend bringing in some neutrals as we have done with our display or limiting the patterns around the tray so it can really stand out and shine.

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