Spring has sprung at CeTerra!

CeTerra Accessories, Color and Texture, Interior Design

Springtime is full of life and beauty and we wanted to highlight accents that will surely make you feel ready for the season. We recently completed some spring cleaning of our own and have transformed our showroom with loads of new items to freshen your home.

Color has a lot do with how we identify and relate to the time of the year. We are familiar with golds, oranges, and browns during the fall, and holiday colors such as greens, reds, golds, and silvers during the winter, but what about the Spring and Summer?

At CeTerra we would suggest white as the primary color for spring. White has a very clean and crisp look and is a great compliment to the existing colors in your decor. Botanicals are also a great way to introduce spring into our homes. By replicating what we see in our outdoor environment, we can bring the joy of spring indoors.

Let CeTerra help add a touch of Spring to your life today!

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