Striking Local Pottery

nickmin Art

As the pottery wheel spun in his hands, the clay rose and fell, morphing into beautiful shapes along the way. It was as though the idea of the bowl developed before his very eyes…

Pottery is an intuitive and instinctive form of art, and reaches its full potential when the artist favors spontaneity and surprise. This ensures no two pieces are ever alike, and those differences carry with them a truly unique piece of art. Keep in mind every piece featured here was created by an artist local to Arizona.

These owls make for absolutely amazing pieces, either standing alone proud or in a light ensemble. While all three of these examples have a Native American motif and inspiration, the solo piece featured has an almost ‘magical realism’ to it, further accentuated by genuine porcupine quills. With bold, glossy tones giving way to gently textured curves, the eye is drawn to these beautiful pieces and encouraged to further explore their shape and color. It is clear this artist truly enjoys experimenting with both color and texture, making it easy to find a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece to heighten the style of your home.

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