Succulents – Great Interior Accents for the Southwest

CeTerra Botanicals

When you think of the Southwest, cacti, dry weather, and desert come to mind. When designing your interior, you’ve got inspiration right outside your door. From the beautiful Arizona sunsets to the sprawling mountains, a home in Phoenix or the surrounding areas can take design tips from its environment. The use of botanicals in the home can bring life and vitality to a space. Succulents are found very often in the region and you can use these easy-to-care-for plants to add a design element to your home.

What Are Succulents


Succulents are simply a type of botanical that can be characterized by having “fleshy” or “thickened” parts and retain water fairly easily. These plants thrive in arid climates and can be found in numerous places around the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Cacti like the iconic saguaro cactus are just one type of succulent. There are all kinds and types of succulents found in the region. Around since 1939, the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is a great cultural hub and place to learn about plants and gardening in the desert. They highlight what grows best by month and give tips for gardening in Arizona. They give gardening guides for succulents like adeniums, agaves and lithops. Many can be grown indoors with little maintenance. Because of the iconic Southwestern style these plants bring to a home, they are popular for home décor and can be used in all rooms.

Decorating Succulents in Your Home


Decorating with succulents in your home can make your home livelier. To begin, choose succulents that appeal to you. Do you enjoy taller, thin leaves or thicker, rounder shapes? A variety of succulents with interesting textures and varying heights can add color and a natural quality to your home without a lot of fuss. Easy to care for yet beautiful to look at, succulents make a significant impact on a room. They can be set in pairs for balance or use the rule of thirds to offset a display.

You want to also keep in mind the space these plants will be displayed in. Do you want to create your own tabletop garden? Katherine suggests using succulents to create an organic contemporary tablescape. By assembling an indoor garden with succulents in different heights, you create visual interest and texture. You can also decorate with succulents in odd places such as ceiling beams. One idea to explore would be to hang succulents from high ceilings to bring the eye upwards and showcase rustic exposed wood beams.

Choosing the Right Succulents for Your Design


When styling, remember to look at the textures of your baskets, pots and plants. Are they shiny or matte? Do they have different widths? The pots you place them in will also have an impact on your interior’s aesthetic. Incorporate the pots into your home’s color scheme. If your home is earthy and rustic, plant your succulents in rustic and textured pots. CeTerra has a wonderful selection of unique vessels. Visually artistic they are also a great idea to add more art into your home. Dripped glaze pots work extremely well with the Southwestern design.

Anchoring potted small succulents on a platter or slab helps to create a visual work of art. You can present your chosen succulents on an oblong platter or on a rustic wooden plate. If displaying the same plant, you can place three to create a gallery-like appearance. If you’d like a more eclectic style, choose three different plants to display.

Larger succulent plants add height to the corners of room where there needs to be color. Succulents that can fill this void are crassulas, including the jade plant which thrives in temperate, indoor environments and the portulacaria plant. When filling your space with these larger succulents, make sure you are knowledgeable about their individual care. Some varieties do very well on an outdoor patio or around an in ground pool. Maintaining your own succulent garden is very doable in southwest areas.

In the end it’s important to remember that there aren’t many design rules when it comes to plants. They can work as aesthetic accessories but also can be hobby-related. By displaying plants that speak to you, you’re on the right path to decorating with personality and depth. Stop by and visit Katherine at CeTerra Accents and Interiors to find out how you can build your own succulent garden to match your home, your style, and your