Thanksgiving Arrangement

CeTerra Accessories, Color and Texture, Interior Design

thanksgivingarrangement-01 Thanksgiving brings family and friends together. As we sit at the dining table creating memories, we share all that we have with each other; food, love, and laughter. The center of that table represents our unity and compassion for one another. What better way to express that than with a centerpiece created of nature’s gifts for you and your guests to enjoy.

At CeTerra we surround ourselves with nature and would love to help you create that beautiful moment for your Thanksgiving festivities. There are many ways to go about designing the perfect centerpiece. We offer autumn berry sprays, fall leaves, star pods, grape wood, and succulents. You can put together an alluring display with many items or keep it simple with just a few special pieces. We would recommend creating a lower centerpiece so that you will be able to enjoy your guests.

thanksgivingarrangement-02We are all blessed to live in Arizona and adding a little Southwest flare to your centerpiece or arrangement can make it interesting and give thanks for the land we live in. CeTerra can help you reinterpret the traditional Thanksgiving décor and tailor it to your own distinct style. We offer truly unique pieces and will help you fashion a presentation worthy of this special occasion.

Let your creativity flow and share it with all whom you love this Thanksgiving.