The Art of Layering

CeTerra Color and Texture


Of course, it is hard to imagine how our antique wagon wheel rims could get any better. . .
but I believe we have accomplished just that!  We recently added three hand-crafted sustainably resourced Bison skulls to our grouping and shifted the entire paradigm. Yet, as perfect as this grouping is, we are already imagining how we will re-invent it again . . . hmmm, maybe rustic wall planters with succulents?

Art-of-Layering-03-800x1213Vignettes in our homes tell our story.  They are layered collections of all those objects we find wonderful and fascinating.  In a sense, they are reflection of our interests.  And when properly orchestrated, vignettes transcend clutter and capture our imagination with an artful and effortless appeal.

The best way to tell your story in your our home is to start with the message you wish to convey.  Ask yourself first, “What is the function of this space?”  Is this a reading nook in your den, or a place to share a movie with family and friends?  Then, design accordingly.  Add layers such as pillows and throws which invite and encourage ones to linger in comfort.  A well-placed side table provides the perfect resting place for the great cup of coffee, or a bowl of hot buttered popcorn.

Next question, “How do I want my space to feel?”  Those small layering pieces such as pillows, throws, and side tables are splendid opportunities to display our unique personality.  Look for a piece that best represents you.  Is it a quiet touch that represents your soulful side or a bold geometric pattern?  This can be your inspiration piece, in other words – the leading role.  Use this piece to guide the selection of all supporting pieces.  And while it is not important they all match, they should complement each other, and never over-shadow the leading role.

There are numerous ways to connect diverse furnishings in your vignettes to your inspiration piece.  The use of color is the simplest.  You can select one color and vary the shade.  This approach will add depth and interest to your room.  Another option is to combine varying textures and finishes in the same color.  In the examples below, the color story is very tight; however, the textures are widely varied and include baskets of natural woven fibers, sleek shiny metallic surfaces, and rough ceramic glazes.  These beautiful and distinct pieces stimulate our imaginations as they come together to create vignettes that tell the story of who we are.