The Color Blue

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The color blue is often associated with serenity, peacefulness, and helps create a genuine feeling of calmness. Incorporating blues into interiors can remind us of natural elements such as the sky or the ocean and bring comfort to our lives.

You might ask what shades of blue are right for my home and how will they make me feel? Blues can vary from the softest tones that feel light and airy to rich blues that resemble an endless body of deep water with many shades in between. At CeTerra we know that every person perceives color differently. We offer a wide range of hues so you can find the shade that looks and feels perfect for your home.

Starting from Ancient times, the color blue has been used for interiors, clothing, and art. The heavily pigmented cobalt blue was used during the middle ages to create stained glass windows. In 1828, a synthetic blue pigment in the shade of ultramarine was created.  The world renowned Vincent Van Gogh used this pigment combined with cobalt blue to illustrate emotion into his masterpieces.

The world of color can be abstract and hard to decipher. However, color has a direct link to our thoughts and can give us great insight into who we are and how we discern our surroundings. Exploring and creating fabulous interiors with color is a journey of discovery.

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