Trends on Recycled Wood Furniture

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Recycled and reclaimed wood have become the style of the decade. Pinterest and DIY websites feature ways to bring this wood trend into your home. CeTerra Accents & Interiors is proud to showcase a diverse line of recycled wood furniture that is stylish and good for the earth too!

Recycled wood comes with a story. It might have a long history as a grand tree in the forest that had fallen. It could have come from an old barn, church or even a ship. These journeys add character through wear and tear. Marks make each piece unique. Reclaimed wood from century old barns and houses can be some of the most beautiful wood in the world. These distinctive touches just can’t be found or recreated in new wood.

Furniture designers and artists creatively assemble these pieces, maintaining character, turning them into the most interesting furnishings. Without paint or heavy finishes, wine barrels become bar stools. Salvaged wood from a shipwreck turns into kitchen and coffee tables, entertainment shelves and consoles.

Rather than discarding a tree that may have fallen in a storm or from disease, they can be turned into one-of-a-kind furniture allowing them to retain the character of the tree it once belonged to.

Hand selected wood can be used to curate your look and create the vision you have in mind for your home. Rustic or sophisticated, historical or contemporary, there are no rules and nothing has to match. Use wood to design your own story and tell your tale.

Wood grain is not just a trend anymore, it is a basic that is here to stay but not as the paneling in your grandparents’ basement. It is much more chic and cool. Now is the time to show off your wood with butcher block countertops and upcycled or creatively recycled wood furniture.