CeTerra Accessories

At CeTerra, we are masters of upcycling and creating a whole new way of seeing objects.

You may ask what do we mean by upcycling? A short definition would be taking an object that ordinarily would end up in a landfill and using it to create a new decorative piece.

For instance, we have artisans that collect architectural material and create exquisite lamps that are one of a kind, tables made from recycled tires that can really give a room some spunk, tables made from tin barn roofs that have character oozing from every ounce, and our favorite horse and elephant pieces from Thailand that are constructed from reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

CeTerra can also help you see an ordinary item in a whole new light by way of construction or arrangement. Our antique wagon wheels go from mundane to magnificent with our custom steel brackets to mount them to the wall and our layering technique, which adds dimension and depth to the overall presentation. Our vintage nail bin once used for nail sorting is now an interesting statement piece of wall d├ęcor and all we did was think outside of the box and hang it!

At CeTerra we believe in sustainability and the amazing pieces we can create using those principles and would love the opportunity to help you create or find a special piece for your home.

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