You know Dasher and Dancer…

CeTerra Accessories, Color and Texture

Holiday-7-1-of-1I love the holidays! The sights, the smells–the cookies; who doesn’t? It’s a wonderful time for family and friends. It’s also a wonderful time to have fun with decorating! In a world of kitschy Christmas decor, it’s can be difficult to implement holiday motifs with organic and contemporary style. I’m sure many of you can relate to this dilemma. How do I create a festive environment while maintaining my interior design aesthetic? For my home and for CeTerra, I’ve meticulously scoured the markets and design resources to bring in those organic contemporary pieces for the holidays. One of my favorite artists (who does the fabulous elephants and horses that are so popular here) also does reindeer! Using found wire and repurposed scraps of wood, he creates whimsical and rustic sculptures that can be grouped or stand alone! In the images below I show how you can use neutrals and mix in a little metallic and sparkle, or make use of those rich reds and fresh greens to add a little spunk! Also, making great use of geometric shapes (like the ornaments and spheres pictured) is a way of having that contemporary feel. Throw in a few bows and a little ribbon–voila! So forget about those cheesy big-box store Santas–holiday home decor can be both elegant and stylish.